About Us

Plumes is the story of two sisters, Claudia and Giorgia. It is the story of their passions, of their travels, of their experiences and of their life spent in search of an aesthetic sense transformed over time into an idea of ​​style and beauty.

Claudia, graduated in economics, serial traveler, always passionate about beauty, during one of her travels remains enchanted in front of the oriental charm for the care of the look, and an absolute pioneer, decides to bring that charm and care of the mirror of the soul Also in Italy. Giorgia, passionate about fashion and always looking for the perfect style, joins Claudia in the development of that aesthetic taste that is an expression of rationality and intuition. Two years of hard work, international training, various experiences abroad, lots of study and a lot of practice and then ..


Together they reflect on what a look is made of. Where does charm come from? It is the character, in its uniqueness, to give it form and style. And this personality, so precious, so interior, for Giorgia and Claudia must be unveiled and expressed. Here then is PLUMES. Where the look is discovered, told, taught and designed.