Brow Design / Straightening

The straightening is an ideal treatment for those with rebellious, curly and hard eyebrows. It is indicated for those who wish to remove unwanted directions and would like to obtain a more defined and orderly form.

IDEAL FOR: big, hard, curly eyebrows that go in the wrong directions
APPLICATION TIME: about 30 to 45 minutes
EFFECT: smooth, soft and neat hair
DURATION: subjective, but generally about 1 month
RETOUCH: the treatment is repeated every time
PRE-TREATMENT: come completely without make-up
MAINTENANCE: brush, use only oil free makeup removers, do not scrub vigorously
RELATED PRODUCTS: tweezers, eyebrow pencil, oil-free makeup remover, strengthening and nourishing serum, protective membrane

At the end of the treatment, we suggest you our Re-Makeup Express service for an even more exclusive result!