Lash styling / Lifting

Lifting or lamination is a treatment resulting from the combination of two treatments: the curving and eyelashes dyeing. The curvature (or permanent eyelashes), through the use of a special silicone band of different sizes, allows you to curve the natural lashes for the duration of their life cycle (about 60 days). The eyelashes dyeing consists instead in tinge them, usually with a dark black color, to give them a more intense effect, as after the application of mascara.
Botox is an additional treatment that invigorates and gives shine to the eyelashes, stimulating growth and giving way to a regeneration process for hair over time. For a natural, but more intense look!
NB: treatments can also be performed individually

IDEAL FOR THOSE: long and thin eyelashes, straight or facing down, particularly suitable for people with complexions and light hair and for those who are taking a break from the eyelash extension
APPLICATION TIME: about 90 minutes
EFFECT: natural, curved and open eyelashes, long, full-bodied and luminous
DURATION: about 6 weeks
PRE – TREATMENT: come completely without make-up
MAINTENANCE: brush, use only oil free makeup remover
REFILL: no, a new treatment is performed every new cycle of eyelash growth
RELATED PRODUCTS: oil-free makeup remover, strengthening and nourishing serum, protective membrane

At the end of the treatment, we suggest you our Re-Makeup Express service for an even more exclusive result!