Lash styling / Thickening

Natural volume and / or extreme volume

The thickening or volume is a technique consisting in the application of two synthetic lashes (natural volume) or a fan of 2-6 synthetic lashes (extreme volume) for each individual eyelash. In this way the effect of mascara is obtained, with thick, open and more voluminous lashes.

IDEAL FOR: strong and healthy eyelashes, who does not want to give up the mascara effect
APPLICATION TIME: about 120 minutes
EFFECT: extension, volume and curvature of eyelashes
DURATION: about 4 weeks
PRE – TREATMENT: come completely without make-up
MAINTENANCE: brush well, use only oil free makeup remover, do not scrub vigorously
REFILL: yes, recommended around the 3rd / 4th week from the first application
RELATED PRODUCTS: oil-free makeup remover, strengthening and nourishing serum, protective membrane for eyelashes
NOTES: it is necessary to do a glue patch test at least 48 hours before the treatment (only the first time)

At the end of the treatment, we suggest you our Re-Makeup Express service for an even more exclusive result!