Permanent makeup / Brows

The permanent reconstruction consists in the reconstruction of the structure and the shape of eyebrows through an extremely fine blade (microblading or manual technique) or through a dermograph. Both deposit the pigment in the epidermis recreating the hair design, precise and very thin, like the natural one . There are two techniques, the hair effect that recreates the natural effect of the hair, and the shading effect, to recreate instead that effect shaded on the skin between the hairs.

IDEAL FOR: who wants a long lasting solution. Strongly recommended for those suffering from alopecia or other diseases that cause hair loss
APPLICATION TIME: about 2 to 3 hours, including the eyebrow design
EFFECT: natural and filling, hair for hair or shaded, regardless of how many hairs are present
DURATION: typically about 3 to 5 years, but there are some factors that can affect the duration
RETOUCH: yes, every 8/10 months
PRE-TREATMENT: exfoliate the part to be treated with a very light scrub, hydrate the area, apply anesthetic cream at least 30 minutes before the treatment
NOT RECOMMENDED: undergo treatment during the period, take anti-inflammatory drugs in the days before treatment
MAINTENANCE: wash the treated area only with a neutral pH detergent (4.5), dry without rubbing, reduce any swelling with ice packs, use the product recommended to be applied with a clean cottonfioc several times during the day in minimum quantity